Small text files that websites exchange with devices, used for browsing, to store certain data for later reuse. The information recorded by cookies lasts for a certain period of time after which it is deleted. There are cookies with a very limited duration and others that remain active for longer. The data recorded by cookies can be used directly by the website operator (first-party cookies) and/or by other parties (third-party cookies).
There are different types of cookies:

Technical cookies
These cookies do not store personal information.
  •  Strictly necessary for the website to function properly
  • Analytical cookies used to collect information about the number of users and how they interact with the website.
Profiling cookies
User profiling is a practice by which content can be provided based on the preferences expressed by the user, such as through their web searches or previous browsing. This category includes cookies with which advertisements are personalized.

Policy on the use of cookies on the domain

The policy is prepared and updated by AlmaHealthDB; date of last update 25/07/2023. Any inquiries about the use of cookies on the domain can be sent to: AlmaHealthDB uses only technical cookies to provide the user with functional navigation. These cookies are used directly by the website operator (first-party cookies). AlmaHealthDB does not use third-party cookies. Below is the full list of cookies used on the domain:

Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used by Duration
1 welcomeMSG first-party 1 Month
2 welcome first-party 1 Month