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Our thoughts about Data Altruism

The new Data Governance Act (reg. 2022/868/UE) aims to improve data circulation among the EU through a voluntary data-sharing mechanism by data subjects. Through their consent, data subjects make their personal data available for objectives of general interest. Such general interest may involve data processing for scientific research purposes in healthcare.

Data altruism as provided by Chapter IV DGA is a hot topic right now: the implications in the field of scientific research in healthcare are still being studied by operators. However, it does not imply that rules in matters of data protection are going to be derogated. Every processing involving personal data still needs to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation even when data altruism is involved.

Alma Health DB could benefit from data altruism.Large accessibility of data fosters the use and reuse of clinical data for biomedical research purposes, allowing researchers to collect more precise information for their studies.

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